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S02.E10: Men's Water-Resistant Watch, $289

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Tom and Marina must make a difficult choice after they uncover a bombshell revelation about Sofía Salazar. Meanwhile, Connor and JoJo’s secret relationship is complicated by Denise and Sarah’s matchmaking efforts.

Original airdate: 1/5/22

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I feel kind of confused. Since Topher's character wrote the book, whether or not it got published, wouldn't he still get paid? The job he was hired to do was actually done. I know they won't get residuals, but I'm not even sure if ghostwriters get residuals. 

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Good point!  But if he's the one who released the secrets to the media, then I'm sure the woman (sorry don't remember her name) could make a case that she won't pay him for that work.  You would think that there had to be a stipulation in the contract.  I think this is what Tom and Marina were thinking would happen.

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Probably.  Although it would have been considerably less when they purchased it (a decade ago?).   Even then, they were a successful couple.  He had just had a best selling book and she was an attorney.  They only fell on hard times (?) when she opted to stay home with the newborn twins and he failed to replicate his initial book success.

Sending her back into the workplace should alter the financial picture significantly.

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