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S01.E09: The Family Business

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1 hour ago, SnazzyDaisy said:

The show (any show) shouldn’t underestimate the viewers. Not anymore

That's for sure. Many people seem to take great pleasure going through a show frame by frame to find any tiny mistake. I'm not one of those people. After all, humans make shows and movies and humans make mistakes: "Oh, look! In this frame the coffee cup is on the left and then it's in the middle!" Who the hell cares? But glaring and/or ridiculous errors created by sloppiness or laziness are a little hard to take. They're insulting to the audience.

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16 hours ago, SnazzyDaisy said:

In Fanaddicts podcast, Scott Reynolds (the writer) mentioned  that it was Kurt who left the envelope in Angela’s mailbox. It’s a final “f*ck you” from him.

Prior to that, some fans were comparing the note with Ethan’s kill list.



2 hours ago, DoctorAtomic said:

They don't look the same to me except being in all capitals. The Ms, Ys, and Ds aren't the same. 

Actually, if you actually look at it, all the letters look different significantly.

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On 1/2/2022 at 8:51 PM, Jenxee said:

I have a theory.  I came here to see if I was alone in thinking this and so far I haven't seen anyone else mention this.  Even though it's not a spoiler, I'm going to mask it because I know some people don't even like to read speculations.  What if

  Reveal spoiler

Harrison is not really Harrison.  He's Dexter's brother Brian's son, he's a serial killer, and to get revenge he first killed the real Harrison and looked for Dexter to either learn from him or kill him.  I know that theory is out there, but Harrison is definitely hiding something.  For instance, tonight he acted like he didn't know how to shoot a gun, but he clearly knew how and purposely deceived Dexter.  Another thing, he looks nothing like Dexter and Rita.  And his backstory is fishy.  Hannah died from cancer?  Or did this imposter kill her.

It's just speculation, but Clyde Phillips said,


What do you guys think?  Is my theory plausible or completely off the wall?

I've had that same theory about Hannah since very early on but I hadn't considered the rest of your theory because I'd completely forgotten about the brother storyline...but they're showing Harrison's memory flashbacks too vividly to not be him, so I don't think so. I'm sticking with my Hannah theory, though.

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On 1/2/2022 at 9:27 PM, ZeeEnnui said:

I never pegged Kurt as a Return to Oz fan. His trophy room was clearly inspired by Mombi.




I'm surprised he didn't use a sword and only keep their heads.😏

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I expected so much more from Clyde Phillips and this whole "the fans deserved a much better ending" thing. 🤒 Yeah, we do, but we're not getting it. It seems more like, "I think we can wring a few more dollars from this."

8 hours ago, Daltrey said:

I'm surprised he didn't use a sword and only keep their heads.😏

That's what I expected. His trophies are ridiculous and merely look like the live actresses wearing white makeup. So silly.

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  • 2 weeks later...

his was sold as a way to apologize for the end of the main series but I think this one has been just as bad. 

So many flaws it would be like whack-a-mole to hit them all. What I loved about season 1 Dexter was the care with which he planned and covered his tracks. This Dexter is a return to how they left him at the end of the series--SLOPPY and irrational AF. He explains to sonny boy about putting up plastic to provide no trace of blood, meanwhile leaving tracks in the snow, fingerprints probably pretty much everywhere, and shedding DNA with every hair that might flutter down from his un-netted head. Plus the afore-mentioned no lookout while in a one exit bunker. 
ALSO, he got shot in the leg and it was never mentioned again. He showed no pain, no limp, nothing.
As much as I loved seeing Dexter again, the erratic writing drove me too crazy and reminded me why I barely made it through that last season.

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  • 10 months later...
On 1/3/2022 at 4:09 PM, Tatum said:

That would be so hilarious if the book was a pointed gesture since she is a SUCH a shitty cop, who has spent far more time investigating her ex boyfriend than she has the missing girls in her town, the school  shooting in her town, or what truly became of Matt Caldwell (I mean, not gonna lie, if I thought my ex was a serial killer I'd look under the hood too, but I'd try and set aside some time to do my actual job as well), but we know it can't be since it's to Dexter's benefit that she sucks so badly at her job.

This!  Angela still has a wall of missing girls in her office, and while Kurt's "my dad did it" defense might be enough reasonable doubt to get him a jury acquittal, it doesn't explain why he made fake claims about his son being alive to call off the search before it reached the cave or what happened to the rest of the girls who disappeared long after Kurt's father was dead.  And yet instead of continuing to investigate Kurt and build a stronger case that the DA is willing to move forward on, Angela is basically watching Unsolved Mysteries and googling the stories.  Her police motivations are rooted in emotional responses to personal trials. The fact that she lost interest in the slew of missing girls after her friend was found is a perfect example. She only had interest in them because of Iris and once she got that closure she was done.  Now her attention is focused on Jim/Dexter, another personal issue for her. 

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