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Chapter 7...Like Cain Did Abel (Spoilers Within)

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What I liked: it was interesting to see what I think was a semi-realistic depiction of stardom and the trappings of celebrity.  Haven't really seen anything that showed that since Entourage.

What I didn't like:  Kid literally got away with murder, directly and indirectly.  Flawed, seeking redemption, whatever...I don't think his actions were justified and it's not good enough that he's vowed that now he's going to try to be a better person.  He doesn't even have to come out of his own pocket to pay Hersch his hush money - the studio's going to cover that, so he literally isn't going to have to face the any consequences of his bad decisions (unless the viewer chooses to believe that he'll have some psychological trauma or regret).  IMO, that's not enough.


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