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The 10-episode series follows four girlfriends who met while attending New York University and are now in their thirties, living in Harlem, as they try to balance love, life, and their careers as working professionals.

Cast: Meagan Good as Camille, Grace Byers as Quinn, Shoniqua Shandai as Angie, Jerrie Johnson as Tye

All 10 episodes of the series premiered on Prime Video on December 3, 2021.

Amazon’s new comedy can’t avoid ‘Sex and the City.’ But in key ways, it surpasses it

Tracy Oliver’s ‘Harlem’ Brings Smooth Charm to Thirtysomething Drama: TV Review

‘Harlem’ Review: Tracy Oliver’s Vibrant Amazon Prime Series Pulses with Heart and Vigor

Harlem review: A smart, sleek, and sharp comedy about living single in the city

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My Mom is watching this show and I walked in on this scene  

Quote “I don’t want to be the Uncle Tom bitch who brought kale to the cookout”

And me and another character said at the same time “what’s wrong with kale??”🤣🤣🤣🤣


On episode 3 a character meets a guy on a dating app and they agree to go out to dinner. 

He recruited her to an MLM! She gets there and it’s a seminar with other women- and they talk about an herbal life type thing!

This happened to me! It truly did. I feel better. 

This should be fun. Meagan Goode is so gorgeous. 

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I just finished the first episode.    Overall I'm intrigued enough to keep watching but I'm going to need Quinn not to leave her purse at the bar with a total stranger in the far away land of Long Island...*LOL*.    I can only assume she didn't have any major credit cards otherwise that would be the first thing to do once she was rescued.

LOL too at the guy waving his butt in the air waiting for Meagan to lick it.

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We just watched 6&7 last night. I’ve never been in Tye’s position, so I can only imagine what she was going through with questioning her sexuality and growing up in an area where she didn’t feel she could be herself. That being said, it was kinda crappy to marry that guy and not be honest with him and then just run off with no notice and not divorce him. The “what if” episode was a bit strange, but we did get more backstory about Tye and why she’s a commitment-phobe as well as why Camille broke up with Ian. Camille comes across so flighty sometimes and it’s not a good look to her new boss. I can see why the boss told her she’s not ready yet.

With regard to Angie’s situation with the white leading lady in the Get Out musical, I think Camille gave her good advice that sometimes in a professional setting you have to swallow your pride for the sake of the job even if you are technically in the right. I think all the parties involved could have handled the situation more professionally, but the lead actors are always going to be given preferential treatment to keep the production on track since the bottom line is money.

I’ve been loving seeing Jasmine Guy as Quinn’s mom and we got to see in the what if episode more of why she’s so hard on her daughter. I’m also glad that Quinn told her friends that sometimes they need to listen to her too. 

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13 hours ago, ShellsandCheese said:

It was good! I like that it was very different from Run the World - but I really like them both. Meagan Goode is beautiful but she really should have re- thought that eyebrow transplant. 

I never heard of Run The World.   I'll need to check that out.   Hopefully I can get it on Hulu.

O.T.:  It was cool seeing Tye's backstory and by default the other three ladies stories on how their lives were before.   I can't blame Tye's new lady for having doubts about their relationship.

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4 hours ago, Meedis said:

I never heard of Run The World.   I'll need to check that out.   Hopefully I can get it on Hulu.

O.T.:  It was cool seeing Tye's backstory and by default the other three ladies stories on how their lives were before.   I can't blame Tye's new lady for having doubts about their relationship.

Run the World is on STARZ but I think you can add as a channel and do a free trial. It’s really good, there’s also Vida on STARZ about two Latina sisters and it’s very good too. Vida was just three seasons and all three are available. Run the World aired their first season this past summer/fall and has been renewed for a second season. 

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I definitely enjoyed the new season.   LOL and what a cliffhanger.   Which of the four ladies is knocked up?   Guessing it's between Camille and Angie.   Either one of them being preggers would be hilarious.   Angie because of how fast her relationship has progressed in such a short time and Camille because her relationship ended because she was okay with not having kids.   If it's Angie, then it'll be interesting to see where things go with Michael who seems to be too good to be true and may be hiding some cray cray.   If it's Camille then Ian must have that magical sperm.    And it'll be hilarious to see Camille sharing the news and seeing his reaction.

I think it's safe to say it's not Quinn.   Last but not least though Tye is the one that's fertile but unless she and the ex she strongly was repulsed by decided to have a quick boink after he gave her the needle hormone shots, I don't think it's her either.

My favorite guest star of course has to be Rachel True of The Craft and Half & Half fame.   It's nice to see her acting again and enjoyed the slow burn of pairing her with Tye.  And too funny that her daughter Zoe also hooked up with Tye.   And speaking of Zoe, she totally could be the love child of Mona and Chase (for the few Half & Half fans who get the reference...*LOL*).

ETA...just saw the four ladies on a Youtube video appearing on Sherri Sheppard's show.   Wondering if maybe it will be Quinn now.  


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