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Beebo Saves Christmas (2021)

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This was a bit disappointing.

I mean, this was a nice hour of viewing. managing to stay "with it" without being cloying about it. The characters are cute without going over the top on it.  Concievably, this could be a holiday standard for at least the next few years.

Here's the thing: it's Beebo. If you're not familiar, Beebo went from being a one-off fictional Furby knockoff to becoming the unofficial official mascot of the Arrowverse. Beebo got his start on Legends of Tomorrow, which is the wildest offering of the CW's DC Comics-based shows. I was expecting something subversive. Or maybe playing things straight was the subversion.

Here's an article posted yesterday on AV Club. "[The] strangest holiday offering since the Star Wars: Holiday Special" is pushing it, but it's a decent read.

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It was OK. I might watch it next year to see what I missed, but other than that I can't see myself watching it for the next twenty years or so.

I liked the robot elf's 'ears' (they were probably cooling flanges for some heatsinks). I was expecting Beebo to expand and cuddle the robot into submission, but blowing him to bits was a bit harsh. Perhaps they'll do a sequel where they rescue the Elfin-Mark-V from the island of unwanted robots and disrupt the Jet stream.

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