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S03.E06: Final Transmission

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So mean to make it seem like Will is dead and having him survive. I had already gotten out the champange

On 12/2/2021 at 6:11 AM, paulvdb said:

So SAR and his buddies went all Terminator on their creators. Not surprised by that revelation. That what I had assumed when Will found out that they had all died.

Yeah, Will is just a bit of a dumbass. That was the most likely explaination.

Although I maintain, that finding one dead planet with one city full of dead members of a species that has FTL techonology is poor evidence for them all being extinct. There could still be a galaxy full of them and you'd never know.

Also most of the skeletons didn't look like they had any trauma, which is weird production design if the robots supposedly killed them. Looked more like an illness killed them all, but can the robots make such a thing and if so why did they also blow up half of the planet?

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I actually thought the Fortuna was going to turn out to have caused some planet wide catastrophe, and the Robots were after humans for revenge.  It is more interesting to have the robots acting for themselves to prevent control by another intelligent species.

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