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S03.E01: Three Little Birds

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So we aren't even going to show how exactly Smith faked her death? She's just there now? K... I mean nobody thought she was really dead, but this seems a bit lazy.

"Will has been sleeping so bad that he's aged 3 years in like 3 days."

So Dr. Smith sensed a deep dark secret in Will, yet what she found was actually the robot skimming Titanium, not Will and Will had no idea he was doing it... so was Dr. Smith just paranoid and solved this mistery by accident?

Breathable atmosphere in only a canyon? Yeah that's not how that works.

A robot city right around the corner and they didn't see it when they were scanning for a landing spot. Sure.

Oh show, never change. You are as ridiculous as ever.

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Regarding their arial escape from the stone eating bugs, how could there be enough air (atmospheric density) to provide 200-300 pounds of lift from maybe 10 square feet of “wingspan” yet so little air they needed to wear space suits? Did I miss something?

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I don't know why the show seems to think there needs to be constant relationship drama between John and Maureen. There's enough going on without that kind of angst. I suspect they want to set up a possible triangle with Judy's father once they find him. But the story itself is busy enough just with logistics. It doesn't need soap opera tropes like that.

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It looks as though everyone had 364 days of routine repair work ... and then everything starts happening at once.  The Robinsons have a life-or-death crisis on a weekly basis, so I hope they appreciate their down time between seasons.

I could ask why Judy would be the only person who happened to discover that there was pure titanium "in them-thar hills" -- but on this show plot contrivances are par for the course.  All the square pegs will be pounded into the round holes. 

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So many roll-your-eyes moments, so little time...such as there apparently being a plentiful makeup supply for the females and hairstylists to maintain perfect cuts and styles for the females and males. Also, aside from Will growing so much in one year that at first I thought it was a different actor, it seems like almost all the kids aged at least 3-4 years in that one year. When they escaped from the Resolute, I thought there were several little kids among the 97, but now they almost all look like teenagers, and Penny's boyfriend looks early to mid-20s. I guess the writers are aiming for The 100 audience, but The 100 did it better (at least some of the time). 

I'm still here for the sets and especially for Robot, who is often a more appealing character than the humans.



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Finally getting around to watching this final season.

Ditto on the comments about Will's "sudden" aging. The stress of the situation must have been hitting him hard, lol. I'm surprised his hair hadn't turned gray too.

This show is definitely low rent science fiction.

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