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S41.E11: Do or Die LIVE CHAT

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4 minutes ago, Michichick said:

Ah okay, so they’re going to talk our ears off because the do or die maybe ends up being anticlimactic 

Yeah, as a black WOC myself, I appreciate the social awareness and frank discussion. However it definitely makes me think DeShawn's gonna lose this and there won't be a vote. 

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Just now, DEL901 said:

12 minutes left.  Going to commercial.   I don’t think there is time for a vote v 

Might be some time to do so. They got the talking out of the way, so they'd only need three minutes to vote and reveal the votes, and a couple of minutes for the Do or Die twist, which I suspect is as simple as flipping a lever or rolling a die.

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Did Xander use his extra vote? How was there 5 votes for Liana. Because I count Xander, Erika, Ricard and Heather for her and Danny, DeShawn and Lianna for the 3 votes against Ricard.

eta: I see others saw the same. It makes sense if he and Ricard were nervous about Erika because it would have guaranteed Liana went even if Erika flipped. 

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