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Garfunkel And Oates

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I love them for doing this episode.


I kept waiting for Kate to realize her puppets could sell for a lot of money, and for her to start taking that as a revelation that she had a lucrative business opportunity, and not see the kid selling them as a betrayal.


BTW, I definitely think you can call a kid in a wheelchair an asshole, but honestly-- was this kid really an asshole? He's dying, he gets pawned off on the asshole comedian he doesn't know and who clearly doesn't give a shit, spends his day at the stupidest party ever, and then is given some puppets he doesn't want. I liked the kid, though I thought he was played in the overly adult obnoxious way of "kids who act like cynical adults" character trope that's generally totally annoying. But he was the more sympathetic one, between him and Natasha Leggero. And Kate wanting him to keep the puppets instead of using them to get a boat? Honey, it's not about you! I don't even like boats, but I can't begrudge the kid, or anyone, that kind of turnover.

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When I was working as an acute care nurse in pediatrics, I found out that Make A Wish really isn't for dying children any more....any old chronic illness will do. And it gets kind of creepy/avarice sometimes.  I wasn't really sure that he was supposed to be that sick in the story, maybe just physically impaired. 


I love this episode. Sprinkle! Peter Pan treatment+the worlds worst gynecological care center. Just funny. 

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I paused the DVR when Kate was showing Riki the story on her iPad about the kid selling the puppets, and it said he was dying of "teeth cancer."

I can't believe next week is the season finale already! I have really been enjoying the show and hope it gets renewed for a 2nd season. Eight episodes is a pretty short run.

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This is the season finale. No word yet on whether there will be a Season 2.

There'd better be.  This show turned out SO much better than expected. 

I absolutely loved this episode.  The "George and Lenny" as eggs animation was great and the "Such a Loser" song actually brought tears to my eyes.  

And to cap it all off, we get to see the puppets of them we've seen throughout the series in music videos introduced into their daily "reality".

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