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S01.E04: H Is for Hero

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On 11/29/2021 at 9:53 AM, AuntieMame said:

One thing I am curious about is what life was like with Hanna. Why isn’t Dexter asking more questions? What did Hanna tell Harrison? What happened to the half million Hanna brought to Argentina? How did Harrison’s darkness develop? When did he find out about Trinity? Especially since it was firmly established that Hanna killed to survive and didn’t enjoy it and would just as soon never kill again. How did she deal with the developing Dark Passenger? Did she see it? Try to change things? Did she talk about the code? Knowing some of this would make the show more toothsome. 

I agree, but it seems possible that Dexter's hoping Hanna didn't mention murder, the code, etc, and just raised him as a normal kid, and doesn't want to tip him off to Dexter's true nature.

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Ugh, I thought Dexter was gonna "kill" Deb in the gym, and we could finally be rid of her. Unbearable. 

I'm only still watching cuz my friend told me it got more interesting in episode 4, but no, still totally predictable. 

I will finish the season, but if they plan to make more seasons, hell no. 

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Clearly Harrison didn’t inherit Dexter’s ability to lie. His story was painful.

So how many people witnessed Matt’s dad leaving with the (very memorable) green hair girl? 20? 30? 

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