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S01.E08: Posts on a Scandal

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While an accusation from Gossip Girl throws Julien’s life into a tailspin, Zoya takes matters into her own hands. Kate faces backlash from her colleagues. Obie and Aki take a stand. Max navigates foreign emotions.

Original air date: November 25, 2021

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Shit's getting crazy now.  I was all set to complain about Zoya last weekend - who likes her, does anyone like her?  But then she proved very useful this episode.

The last scene really closely mimicked the way Blair (Zoya) would talk to Serena (Julian) when shit was absolutely hitting the fan.

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Zoya was really irritating me in the beginning of the episode (anyone who repeatedly brags on themselves being a good person, the better person, etc. is a person I can't stand), but I liked Nick repeatedly popping her self-righteous balloon, and then her support of Julien later on was nice.  The show needs to stop having the sisters fall out because it's never a good color on Zoya.

Also irritating was Obie, his whining was the worst so I really enjoyed him getting read by Aki, and then Audrey.  His explanation about why he was weird about Aki being bi kinda made no sense, wouldn't he have dealt with similar feelings when his other good friend Max came out as queer?

It's weird, given the way we left them in the last episode, that Audrey and Aki threw in the towel re: the throuple kinda out of nowhere in this episode.  And I guess Chuck Bass had a similar story in the original show (i.e. he couldn't do it because he was having emotions about Blair)?  But I am interested in where this could go, and I liked the little side friendship we saw between Max and Luna.

Everything with the cabal of teachers was so stupid.  As was Jordan's speech to Kate abut how Gossip Girl is totes making the kids better at school, afraid of the teachers, etc.  Because we have seen z-e-r-o evidence of that.

Davis is a monster (and a dumb one at that, leaving old phones with incriminating texts laying around), but the sweater Luke Kirby wore in the early part of the episode looked very fuzzy and comfy.

The only friendship on this show that really rings true is Julien and Audrey's.

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On 11/30/2021 at 8:42 PM, Artsda said:

The teachers plot has gotten even worse with all these new ones added. 

There's really nothing of value there.  But then again, I never cared about GG the character in the first original series either.

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