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Table Wars

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Martha Stewart and some guy you never heard of judge a group of event planners and designers as they put so much stuff on a table you could not really fit any food on it! But many of the designs are cool and colorful. The themed table setting challenges are judged on creativity, originality and execution. 

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Watched the first two and I enjoyed many of the table settings. The right people are going home, so that's good. The only weird thing is while they show the judges going around and commenting on the tables with the designers, they do not show the judges deliberating, so it's not exactly clear why they choose the winner and the chop. 

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I am enjoying this too, but they do not always pick the one I think should win. At least they haven't eliminated anyone I really like yet. Some of the tables are more like art installations versus a functional table.

I thought the Josephine Baker table should have won! That was gorgeous! 

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The party guests add nothing. I would rather see the judges deliberate. I would also like to have 2 challenges per episode. They could do mini-challenges, like doing a flower arrangement, custom candle, themed plate setting, etc. One challenge is just not enough, especially when the number of contestants gets whittled down. 

In the last episode about nature, while I agree that the bird's nest idea was doomed from the start, the guy with the pond maybe should have gone. That looked terrible with all that plastic front and center. It looked nothing like the table "floating on water", and I agree it seemed dangerous. If you backed your chair up too far, it would go right over. 

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On the day, the right winner as far as I'm concerned. Bummer for the one who didn't finish, as he had some of my favorite tables throughout, but his design was fraught from the get go. What was he thinking with the water. OF COURSE there would be some spray that would get guests and plates wet! Glad the lady didn't win. I was furious she was put through in the semis ahead of the Hispanic guy. The theme was travel and motion and he had a really nice train scene, even though the tracks did impede the chairs. But she had some hokey mess of an art studio - how is that travel and motion?! 

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I got behind on this and had to binge watch to finish it.  Wilfredo was my favorite followed by the fellow who won whose name I've already forgotten.  I was also glad the woman didn't win.  I liked her display with the lemons but, otherwise, I wasn't crazy about what she did.  

Martha Stewart was fine.  I'm not a big fan of hers but she does know what she's talking about.  I can't believe she's 80 y/o.  She looks marvelous.  The male judge was a PIA.  I didn't like Tamara either.  She came across as rehearsed and much too perky and almost strident.  And her eye make up was terrible.

I thought most of the displays had too much stuff upon stuff.  I wouldn't want to eat elbow to elbow with others with decorative objects crowding me and so many things down the center of the table that I couldn't see across well.  I also wasn't interested in the backdrops and "interactive" things like the butterfly that people could stand in front of and flap its wings.  Do adults really like that kind of thing?  If they do another season, I'd like to see more elegance and less kitsch.  

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