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S01.E01: Premiere

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I finally was able to watch the premiere. Boy, oh, boy, this show did not disappoint! It was everything I hoped it would be--just like Paradise Hotel but even better because we "know" the contestants and already have the backstory on who's crazy and who's There for the Right Reasons, and of course the crazy far outweighs the Right Reasons!

AshLee and Graham HAD to have had a secret alliance going in, right? Otherwise it makes no sense whatsoever why HE would know that he was claimed by AshLee and went along with it. Otherwise, week 1 is the prime time to give the crazy clinger the heave-ho before getting entangled in her web o' crazy.

Lacy, wow. That girl is unrecognizable from her first stint on the show. She was a very pretty girl with her "old look"; I don't remember her personality, but I think she was "normal." Girlfriend sexed up her looks and has heaped on a sexpot act to go along with it. She gives off the impression that she was a "nice girl" and that wasn't working for her so she decided to become a new person: Racy Lacy. She's like Nurse Jamie but only more convincing because she has the mesmerizing knockers. Slow down, girl! No need to straddle every man and get in a complete panic if a guy isn't talking to/holding you for 3 minutes that you need to grab the next warm body. I thought she really seemed to like Robert on their date, so I don't understand why she accepted the rose from Marcus. She knew Robert was going to offer her a rose, too, so why hastily jump back on Marcus if you were "80/40" Robert? Well, regardless, this love triangle will make for some good TV, so go for it, Racy Lacy!

Marquel could do a lot better than Michelle Money, but if he thinks she's top notch, then good for them. I like that he was being himself--that same fun personality he was with Andi--and Michelle seems to really appreciate him. So I'm rooting for Right Reasons for these two.

Ah, I cannot wait for tonight's drama with the other (crazy) Michelle and her mysterious maybe boyfriend after she chooses to go home--except she doesn't. Dah-dah-DUM! And Elise was all ready to tell Dylan that she loves him--but she pulls a Racy Lacy switcharoo! [Most of] these people are acting REALLY desperate. How are they all "in love" the first day--and sometimes in love with multiple people within the same day? Best show EVER!!!

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Not even close. They're all slender women, and most are appropriately/proportionally modest up top. Lots of B cups. Surely the percentage is higher than it is in the gen pop, but it's not even 50 percent. I pay, er, close attention to this topic each season, and would say it's at most 33 percent.



Not everyone who has fake boobs has big fake boobs. Courtney Robertson from Ben's season wrote in her book that she had hers done because she was naturally flat as a board and that after surgery she was a full B. To me it's the way they look in a string bikini top with no support - if they're perfectly shaped and defying gravity, they're most likely fake.

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I wonder how many bachelors and bachelorettes go back to work after their shows and get canned for either their behavior on national TV, or because they take too much time off.  I don't know ANYONE whose employer would allow such a long absence under even the most serious circumstances, let alone The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.  I guess they figure it's worth the risk in the name of attention seeking and fame whoring.  It's no small time commitment especially if you make it to hometowns.


"Marcus just got out of a relationship with Andi"?  Ok, sure.

I heard that too... Hmmm.  So being a contestant on the Bachelorette amounts to a "relationship"?  That's a little grandiose.


Not loving the darker hair on Money.  And what on EARTH is the appeal of Graham?  I mean, did he spray himself with Sex Panther Cologne or what?  Not that he's not attractive, and I get they only have 6 guys to choose from, but still.

LMAO @ sex panther!!! Growwwwwl!

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