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Episode Titles and Descriptions



S01.E01: A Good Day to Die
At the request of General Fasoose, MacGruber is released from prison for one last suicide mission.

S01.E02: The Hungry Lion
Captured by his enemy Brigadier Commander Enos Queeth, MacGruber must make an escape or be killed.

S01.E03: Brimstone
MacGruber races to retrieve the deadly chemical weapon “Brimstone" before Queeth can get to it.

S01.E04: The Scientist
The gang goes undercover at a gala in Miami to stop Queeth from synthesizing "Brimstone."

S01.E05: Through the Looking Glass
Vicki almost takes "Brimstone," but MacGruber gets in the way; Mac goes to Enos Queeth's compound.

S01.E06: The Storm
With the team in shambles, MacGruber attacks Queeth’s compound to get revenge.

S01.E07: The Architect
The plan Queeth set into motion is still alive; MacGruber must find out who is behind the attacks.

S01.E08: Havencroft
With the team back together, all roads lead to the mysterious "Havencroft."


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It seems like the TV series seem to have forgotten that this was a spoof of MacGyver and MacGruber doesn't use guns, to now MacGruber loves guns and is the best shot in the world and can even make diving dick shots.

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