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S41.E10: Baby With a Machine Gun

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On 12/1/2021 at 7:34 PM, Chicago Redshirt said:

Again, I find it interesting that explicitly saying "let's target the women/men" is a typical part of Survivor gameplay in the dozen or so seasons I've watched all or part of but not "let's target the _______ ethnicity." It might be because Survivor has always had a gender division where you allying by gender was a viable strategy (50/50 from the start, I assume), or it might be because we feel differently about race than gender.

It may have something to do with there not having been very many POC in most seasons of Survivor.  Before this season, which is the first after the CBS mandate that requires 50% BIPOC contestants on reality shows, only 3 seasons had a 50% or more BIPOC cast; Cook Islands (because of the "Race War" theme), Fiji (which is theorized to have been originally planned to be "Race War 2" before a contestant dropped out very-last second, as that cast was an exact ethnic match to the CI cast), and Second Chances (the season with the audience voting for the players, and they voted in almost all the BIPOC options).

Outside those seasons, there's typically only been a couple of token non-white players per season.  Definitely not enough to be considered an "ethnic alliance" .  And if there's only one or two people of a given ethnicity, it's a lot easier to target them by name than race.


But then, I'm coming at this whole thing with a white male perspective.  I could very easily be missing something.

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