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S04.E04: Winning or Learning

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I hate Rip.  He treats that kid like shit and then he beats the crap out of Lloyd.  WTF?  I get why he was annoyed but that was over the top.  He settles everything with violence.  Actually, I hate most of the characters on this show except for Mo, Jimmy, and Monica's grandfather.  They are all pretty heinous.  I can't wait for Rip to get his.

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On 11/22/2021 at 10:53 AM, Guy Incognito said:

 3) We get it, the guys on the horses can make them stop and slide.  They can make them spin around.  Cool the first time.  But now they show that crap EVERY WEEK.  It's not THAT cool!  Watching a horse slide about 800 times over 4 seasons is getting tiresome.  We've seen it, move on!

Agreed. This is Taylor Sheridan's ego...he really did grow up around reigning horses and wants to use episodes of his show to show him strutting his stuff to everyone. It's his production, so he gets to do whatever he wants, but it sure is boring. Bad move, Taylor.

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On 11/22/2021 at 2:14 PM, NeenerNeener said:

Nice to see that Jamie didn't know that his old man put out a hit on his other family. I was kind of afraid that he did know and just didn't do anything to stop it. He does still care about Kayce, at least, and let's hope he wouldn't stoop to murdering Monica and Tate, no matter how mad he is at John and how much he hates Beth.

This was the episode that made me seriously consider dropping Yellowstone. 

With crazy Beth, timid Jamie and dead bodies everywhere, this show has always been way over-the-top. But Jamie's Dad Garrett Randle ordering a massive, def-con level 5 , bombs and AK-47's blazing, middle-east terror strike on everyone associated with the Dutton Ranch to 'prove his love' for Jamie just doesn't wash.

Sure, he wanted to prove Daddy John never loved him, just used him, while Daddy Garret (MIA for decades??) is his 'real family.' but bombs exploding on a major downtown street, taking non-Dutton-family collateral casualties (what happened to Beth's secretary who opened the box??) and staging enough machine-gunnings to force an immediate Federal level swoop-down and investigation (which, somehow, never materialized??) And all this after John Dutton only did a good deed taking Jamie and never did any real harm to Garrett?? The firepower and all -inclusive death to anything named Dutton just doesn't wash. WTF???

Comes off feeling like Sheridan just can't lay off upping the violence/insanity/dysfunctionality ratio with each episode. Sorry Taylor, this better start seeming real real fast or I'm outta here.

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