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S41.E09: Who's Who in the Zoo LIVE CHAT

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Just now, Straycat80 said:

I guess they didn’t think it would be a tie. Shan voted Naseer twice and he knows it. That’s what you get for trusting a snake like Shan. 

Well, not exactly. Heather/Erika vote Naseer, Naseer/Shan vote Heather, Shan votes Heather again, and Ricard votes Naseer.

It only works with Shan's votes going on Heather, unless she split her votes.

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Ricard was right in pointing out there are too many advantages. Good thing Shan blew her extra vote.

Why doesn’t Xander tell everyone he’s going to give the idol to Evvie?  Let the other 3 fight it out. 

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Just now, Lamima said:

If they stick to same vote...then bye bye Naseer. Right? Cause Shan won't get extra on re vote? Or if so, it goes to rocks and then the 3 vote out Shan.

I think Shan still gets her extra vote, so it would be: Ricard/Erika voting Naseer, Shan voting Heather x2?

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2 minutes ago, Michichick said:

The more I think about it the weirder it is. She totally wasted it.

Ha ha ha ha ha! I hope Bradley laughs in glee when he sees this. That was his extra vote, wasn't it?

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Naseer is a nice guy but a terrible strategist.  Of course one of the two idol holders would be targeted.  

And Shan is a terrible strategist too.   Let’s vote Heather?!?!   And then she splits her votes?

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Just now, LadyChatts said:

Now I’m worried it’ll be a boring Evvie boot with so little time leftz


I hope not. All Xander has to do is play his idol and then it's a unanimous Liana vote out...though I wish it was Danny. Danny is SO boring.

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1 hour ago, KaveDweller said:

Xander still has an extra vote, he could use that instead of the idol.

Loved him shooting down Liana when she asked for his idol.

My jaw totally dropped when she asked for it. That woman has so much gall.

(and maybe a brain of oatmeal)

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