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S41.E09: Who's Who in the Zoo LIVE CHAT

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Ok how difficult is it for y’all to get your shit together and vote out Shan?!?! Come on and make me happy. 

And no idea what Leanna's problem is with Xander. “Just look at his face” Wtf was that.  

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1 minute ago, Lady Calypso said:

Yes. It's Xander, Evvie, Liana, Deshawn and Danny. Xander HAS to play that idol, actually. But that's only if Xander still wants to work with Evvie. 

Xander still has an extra vote, he could use that instead of the idol.

Loved him shooting down Liana when she asked for his idol.

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Wait, did Leanna seriously suggest to Xander handing her his idol? Like girl, really? You've made your disdain for the guy blatantly obvious and have repeatedly tried to get him out. 

Naseer, rookie mistake. No matter how obvious a vote seems, don't go telling people they're going.

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1) If there's two separate eliminations, it should be a two hour show. 2) Why put them back in two tribes at this point, even for just one episode?  3) I've never been so disinterested in a bunch of people on Survivor. I don't particularly dislike any of them, but I also don't like them, either. They're just kind of there. I still get surprised that some of them exist when I hear their names.

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I think Xander will play his idol on Evvie (it's been literally three Tribals with that idol almost played; he's gotta play it eventually and he really needs Evvie) so Liana will go, but I think Heather is going to be the vote on the other temp tribe.

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Maybe I'm slow tonight but I don't get the point of the tie. If Shan and Ricard decided to go for the blindside of Naseer, just go for it. Even if there was concern about his playing the idol, they knew for certain he'd be voting for Heather which would guarantee she was voted out as only his vote would count. They didn't even need to waste the extra vote. Again, unless I'm just missing something here. 

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