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Fraggle Rock: Back To The Rock

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7 minutes ago, starri said:

Apparently, Doc is a woman. 

Then again, there were other Docs in the original show.  Each country that aired the show could have had their own "local" Doc, since he was "replaceable" as the only human character.  But only the French, German, and UK versions had their own unique Docs.  Everyone else just dubbed Gerry Parkes.

So a new Doc, who appears to be a WOC, still keeps true to the original series while also updating it.

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2 hours ago, SVNBob said:

So a new Doc, who appears to be a WOC, still keeps true to the original series while also updating it.

Oh, I'm totally in favor.  It just surprised me.

I was a little surprised that they have John Tartaglia performing Gobo, since in my mind he'd be equally good as Wembley.  

That song is really catchy.

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Watched a couple of the episodes. As soon as they started the theme song I was grinning like an idiot.

I can’t believe they managed to work in an episode that taught the universal message of “no means no” and even “I don’t know doesn’t mean yes”. Kudos to the writers. The sooner kids learn that, the better.

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I've only watched the first episode.  I guess I was a little surprised that this is a from-scratch reboot, but given that the kids who grew up watching this when it was new are in their 40s now, it's not like we needed a continuation.

Given the casting of Tony-nominated Lilli Cooper as Doc, I can only assume they're planning for her to sing, which I'm in favor of.

The puppetry looks GLORIOUS in 4K, which I wasn't expecting.

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