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S09.E04: Pissed-On Chickens Can’t Compare

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16 hours ago, iMonrey said:

Jake and Rayna were already making out on Day 1 and Wes is already looking to start something with Jessica. THOSE are the typical crew mates we usually see. Last season's BDM was some weird sort of anomaly, like they were unable to find anyone else.

I don't think Wes is anything like the typical deck crew; I'd put him more in the category of David, Lloyd & Mzi.


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15 hours ago, Dirtybubble said:

Ok this is just a matter of opinion but I would disagree with you on that.  I found them to be very attractive because of their personalities, behavior, etc.  If I was a young lady working on that yacht with them I would TOTALLY be into someone like David or Mzi (if he didn't drink so much) etc.  True they aren't the typical Joao, Adam, Col. Sanders aka Jake *tee hee hee* type of guys and that was great by me.

Count me in on finding Lloyd, David & Mzi incredibly hot, attractive, sexy mofos! Love them... ❤️🥰

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On 11/17/2021 at 12:21 AM, BlueHawk said:


Uh , no. Not odd at all. When the kids were small we lived on both Maui and Oahu for a couple of years .It was common knowledge that the last day of school was known as "kill a haole" day and the white kids especially blonde or redheaded had best stay home. This attitude was present all during the school year amongst a certain element.

And that doesn't mean there aren't wonderful warm non-  prejudiced people all over. But a portion of Hawaii's population -esp Native people-  do resent the "invaders". Some say " children of Cook" the same way some mainland Natives use "son/daughters of Columbus" as a derisive. There are groups who make no secret they wish to gain back independence from the US.

 I love Hawaii. My best friend since 17 has lived there since 1973. And I've always had the senses of it being a foreign country. Caucasians are only one third of the population and it does feel different if you live there and not just visit / vacation. 

 Most who become residents do experience tests of a sort for awhile (a couple of years sometimes) to prove character and worthiness. And if you pass there's no warmer, kinder, more loyal people who embrace you fully as family. But it doesn't come immediately or that easily.

& children everywhere can be cruel to each other. Heathers experience isn't odd or surprising at all...


 I lived on Oahu in the 70s.  We lived inland in a small town.  We had to move from our first house to a new neighborhood because we were harassed for being haoles.  Fast forward to today and my bro in law is Hawaiian.  He is one of the nicest, caring people I know.  So I do believe Heather.  I was thinking as I watched that things haven't changed much there.  But I do understand the natives' feelings of having been invaded and having their culture ignored.  

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On 11/16/2021 at 1:28 PM, jalady said:

Captain Lee’s comment about shitting in someone’s mother’s dinner plate is the most disgusting thing I’ve heard in a very long time.  Are we really supposed to find these crass comments from a grown man to be funny/folksy?

I love this show and Capt Lee I don't watch BD Med or Sailing or whatever I just want the Capt Lee (and Ben, Eddie & Kate + a few newbies for drama) show. However my least favorite thing are those stupid gruff Capt Lee sayings and the way he disingenuously thanks them for the tip and turns around and under his breath says good riddance.  I get such a low tone rude, old school locker room sailor vibe.  It is angry and mean. And shitting in someone's mother's dinner plate is low key misogynistic. 

I also think the talk was real. Night time drunk nearly fighting falling over the back of the boat stuff isn't cool.

50 minutes ago, OFDgal said:

 we were harassed for being haoles.  

I love this board, such learning. I had to google haoles and learned a new vocab word. And for the record I am sorry you endured that @OFDgal.

What happened to the overboard fender cover!?

Edited by Alonzo Mosely FBI
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On 11/17/2021 at 12:47 PM, gingerella said:

I took this off my DVR because even the Captain Lee version is working my last nerve now. There's nobody to like in this crew. Wes seems nice but I'm sure he'll do something to turn me off shortly.

The whole indignation of Rachel over Eddie's comments from last season was ridiculous. She was a pig beast whenever she drank, and was an embarrassment to herself and the boat. She has nothing to demand of Eddie or anyone else who commented on her behavior last season. She was worse than anything any of her crewmates said about her last season.

I'm so over these stupid fake guests who make scenes to see who can be the worst guests of the season. It's all so very fake.

Rayna is a complete psycho. Who gets that pissed off about a girlfriend when YOU have a boyfriend, you nutter. You're a lazy sod who thought snogging your colleague-now-boss would get you easy shifts. You were wrong.

OMG, my eyes rolled so hard I thought I'd be looking at my ass for the rest of my life! How tone deaf IS that?! In this BLM day and age, you just STFU about your poor pathetic white privilege problems Miss Heather. Jesus H. Christ! Honestly? And hon, the reason native Hawaiians loathe Haoles like you so much - assuming they did actually tease your sad white ass - is because you run around telling everyone "Hey, did you know I'm HAWAIIAN?!?" No you blond bitch, you are not Hawaiian. Being Hawaiian, IMO, is an ethnicity, not a locale. I was born and raised in America but I don't go around saying "Hey, I'm a Native American!" because I'm not. You grew up in Hawaii, good for you, so say you grew up in Hawaii. Hawaii is your home, but you are not Hawaiian. Heather is no Kate, and that's about the nicest thing I can say about her.

I had a friend born and raised in Hawaii and this was her experience, as well, so I was not surprised by what Heather said. "Sad white ass and you blond bitch?" Yeah...her being bullied is not surprising and neither is the justification for it.

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On 11/16/2021 at 7:24 PM, MartyQui said:

I raised my eyebrows at Heather’s back story about being bullied “because she was the only blonde white girl at her school”.  Really?

Didn't she say that she grew up in Hawaii ? Is it possible that she was the only white student at her school ?

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