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My 1 Lb. Mod Note

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As we start season 10, it's a good time to consolidate the M600LL forum master mod note into one exciting post.  The key rules for this forum:

  • Primetimer's golden rule is Be Civil; snark the show, not each other. 

  • In that vein, no politics are allowed, not even joking asides. It's a surefire way to start a fight, so it should be avoided altogether. 

  • Posters are free to say what they like. However, all comments should be made about the individual only.  Also, we do not comments that are  often used to shame or harm fat people.  Standard slurs such as fatty, pig, etc. cause real harm to fellow posters. 

  • However, the people on the show are people.  Do not dehumanize large, obese or fat people.  This includes referring to them as large animals. Our posters come in all sizes.  The poundticipants are a special group.  Each individual represents only him or herself.  Their behaviors, attitudes, etc. should not be extrapolated to any other presumed like groups. 

  • Primetimer does not tolerate hate speech This includes racist, homophobic and transphobic comments. We also do not tolerate pidgin English or other forms of language to mock the way certain ethnicities supposedly pronounce things.

  • Primetimer conforms to the GLAAD guidelines.  In line with these, we respect the gender of all persons.  To that end, we will refer to anyone on the show by the gender pronouns and name they choose.  We do not debate the gender of any persons.  Humans know who they are. 

  • If it is explicitly stated in the show that the Poundticipant or their family members are receiving disability, you may discuss it as it relates solely to the people in that episode. Otherwise the discussion is off topic.

  • Episodes happen in episode time.  LIVE CHATS happen in episode time.  Do not spoil the LIVE CHATS with any external info. 

Please feel free to contact @PrincessPurrsALot by PM with any questions, problems or calorie free internet treats.

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As stated  in Primetimer's Inclusion Policy:


Hate speech – a statement that carries no meaning other than an expression of hatred, which is intended to stigmatize and/or silence another – will result in an instant ban. Posts containing slurs or insensitive language about a (real or fictional) person’s race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, capacities, age or body type will be removed and the member issued moderation measures, up to and including a ban. In first instances, where the member’s intent is not clearly malicious, the member will receive a moderator message of explanation rather than a warning.

Can we talk about the people on the show?  Of course we can.  What we want to avoid is making broad statements that link body types to negative personality traits or making other broad statements that harm others.  Talk about the individuals shown.  Do not simply bash fat people for being  fat. 

Also, do not use terms that are often used to attack large people; e.g., tubby, fatty, fluffy, wide load, lard ass, pig, whale. Terms such as these cause collateral damage to fellow posters.

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