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Dexter: New Blood Anticipation

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2 hours ago, BetterButter said:

Considering this is on the list of people’s best series with worst endings it’s kind of a fun idea to give the show a chance to fix itself.     We know Dexter is still alive and even if the show doesn’t backtrack it still can play with the idea that Dexter has people out there that might want to find him for better and worse.

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2 hours ago, SunnyBeBe said:

Oh yes!  I just came by to post about this. I am SHOCKED!   I hope they make some serious changes, because the last few seasons were not very good, imo.  I watched all seasons back in the day. I’ll give it a chance. 

I am shocked and surprised too! I am all in!  It will be interesting to see where exactly the pick up from. I could do without any lumberjack scenarios.

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13 hours ago, crimsongrl said:

Ghost Deb? 🤞😆

That's a great idea! You know, she and her dad could follow Dex around the way his dad used to do.  

I'm hoping that Hannah is not involved.  I'm open to all others. 

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On 8/11/2021 at 5:46 PM, Colorado David said:

I am happy this is set in NYC, totally different vibe than Miami. I expect it to be more hectic and tense with Dex not so laid back.

Not NYC. Upstate New York State. Definitely not the same thing! Still very different than Miami though.

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