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S01.E05: The Fort

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Count me in the camp wondering exactly how this rescue is going to work. He's going to fly down grab his family, fly back up drop them off, go down and get the homeland security and doctor's friends fly them back up and  then for the others it's going to be a case of the Family Guy Asian Lady driver "Good Luck Everybody else!"


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I’m sure there’ll be some drama between Scott and the heroin guy like no getting on that plane until you find my heroin. 
My bet is if the 2nd plane goes there they get stuck there too but instead of a crash they’ll make it down safely but leaving is a problem.  

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They took a potentially interesting scenario of finding with a prehistoric village, and turned it into a vehicle for everyone making idiotic decisions.

Starting with walking willy-nilly into the village and then deciding to split up with zero plan for how to regroup.  But how convenient that everyone later bumps into each other while being chased.  Especially lucky for Wolf Snack who actually did not help at all by going back in to "save" the others.  His pep talk was cringey as hell.  The "experienced" air force guy was no smarter, standing around to chat inside a hut with the dead body where they would basically be trapped if anyone walked in.  I'm surprised we didn't get a joke thrown in with Stoner Guy trying to grab the lighter from Drug Dealer's pocket but grabbing something else by mistake.

I was impressed how clean the prehistoric huts looked.  Are they going to explain why the violent village people left en masse "recently" (leaving their incredibly Wise Children With No Loyalty), but came running back all at once?  They spoke perfect English but didn't bother to ask their captives any questions? 

Why didn't the Benevolent Female Leader actually talk to them, or tell them stay away or something?  What was she doing when they were on the chase?  Murdering "Grandpa" actually went to the clearing and saw they were pretty much harmless castaways, so what's his deal anyway?  

The letter in a bottle could have been a great idea, but it was completely unbelievable that they would have dug it up so quickly.  

I liked Ty getting through to Lilly.  Abusive older "sister" will probably be adopted by the "Shoot first ask questions later" Prehistoric English speakers and then come back to kidnap her "sister".

The episode was still sort of entertaining, but it was a frustratingly-told mess.

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