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S04.E02: There's No I in Team, or Whatever

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Hope has to relinquish control and allow Josie and the Super Squad to enact a risky plan that could save Landon. Landon and Cleo meet in Malivore’s darkness and learn more about one another. Meanwhile, Lizzie, Kaleb and Ethan volunteer together, and all does not go according to plan.

Airdate: October 21, 2021

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I'd like to move off of Malivore, but it's clearly going to be this entire season, I just hope we get more. I enjoyed it overall. I don't really feel Josie/Finch, so I'm fine if that ends, but I don't think it will. I appreciated that the team was finally able to (somewhat) get through to Hope that she isn't trustworthy since she ALWAYS puts Landon first. Did have some sympathy when she found out Rik and Kaleb were keeping stuff from her. I also somewhat tire of the Cleo storyline. I liked it when it was Cleo and Landon out on their own, but the Malivore darkness is tiresome to say the least. 

At least Clarke is back.

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I just cannot believe we are still stuck with Malivore, he started as a pretty interesting villain but I just do not care about him or find him scary anymore. Whenever he shows up I just want them to take the camera off him. 

MG wasn't wrong about things ending badly for humans for get involved with the supernatural apparently, and in record time. Maybe keep a better eye on the normal guy in your magic school holding the big bad in your basement? 

"We still have some leprechaun money laying around." "Don't ask."

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