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S01.E03: A Gorilla Head Will Not Do

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I figured, as the Johnny Galecki of the show (i.e. the person we saw drive by the site of the accident), Dale was not long for this world.  But why was his death off-screen?  You're a slasher series on a streaming service, show the kill!   And aside from that, it was weird we saw the kids rush out of the store and react to finding the body, but they held back the reveal of it until the cop found him.

Riley is emerging as the most likable of the bunch.  I think it's kinda shitty that Dylan seemingly blames her for his sleeping with Lennon because she supplied Lennon with drugs.  Riley didn't make Dylan take the drugs when Lennon proffered them, she didn't make him sleep with Lennon, so it's kinda not cool of him to ice her out.  On the flip side, I was surprised she came clean about maybe seeing "Alison" take a breath in the cave.

The relationship between Alison and her dad continues to interest me, it must be impossible to parent a teenage girl when you're constantly having to stamp down any genuine reaction she has, and that's before said daughter finds out you and the lady friend you were probably cheating on her mom with like it kinky.

The background narrative about the coach is so bizarre.  He dumped his family and got engaged to a former student the moment said student turned 18 and the town is exalting about what a good guy sweetie he was?  Huh?

"What's with all the screams, Neve Campbell?"  Keep Queen Neve's name out ya mouth, Margot.

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