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S01.E04: One of Us Is Famous

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The case makes national news and Nate is forced to confront his past; Bronwyn makes a surprising discovery about Cooper, who must deal with a crisis of his own.

Premiere date: October 14

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Finally the media is getting involved. I remember that being a large part of the book especially early on in the story. Only took them 4 episodes. Did I miss a reference in the first 3 episodes or is this the first time the term Bayview Four has been used within the show?

I feel the show is improving evry episode and I think once the series concludes I'll need a re-watch, cause truthfully I had so high an expectations based on the book and in my head that I have had to readjust with what the adaptation is doing.

I still think they should have kept Cooper's reveal about being gay until this episode, I think mysteries work best when we as an audience are also clueless about the secrets of the characters until they reveal it to other characters. Helps with suspense, because knowing that Cooper is gay BEFORE Brownyn took out the tenseness of that particular theatre scene. As did Nate knowing before Bronwyn and encouraging her to go to the theatre.

I definitely need to go back after the series concludes and re-read, cause there is so much minor details that I seem to have forgotten. Especially with Janae.

Random question, do police often just casually stroll around schools talking to students randomly in hallways. Here in Australia that doesn't happen, so just curious if its a TV thing or not, cause I see it a lot in teen dramas.

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