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Inside Job       Netflix       October 22  

Being released will either be the first 10 of the 20 half-hour episodes that were commissioned.


What if all wackiest conspiracy theories you ever stumbled upon on the internet were all true. There really are reptilians in the government. There never was a Moon landing  It is the job of one company, Cognito Inc., to keep the world from finding out the truth.


In the world of Inside Job, conspiracies are not merely theories, they are very much part of the reality lived by our colorful cast of strange characters. Striving to keep these conspiracies a secret from the public is not at all an easy job but that’s precisely what our protagonists do as a living at Cognito Inc. In a workplace overrun with reptilian shapeshifters and psychic mushrooms, anti-social geek genius Reagan Ridley is seen by her coworkers as an odd individual for her ingrained belief that the world could be a better place. Reagan believes that her work could make a difference and bring something positive to the table.

However, her job would be way easier if her colleagues remotely shared her ambitions, and especially if she could somehow manage her deranged father and his manifesto-writing compulsions. In the midst of all this chaos, will Reagan be able to achieve the promotion she has dreamt of?



Reagan discovers that the Deep State really exists and it’s even worse than she thought. There is a chaotic shadow government ruled by mysterious overlords who control the president, whom they attempt to replace with an A.I. robot until it goes rogue. 



The story follows Cognito Inc.’s team leader, the anti-social robotic tech genius Reagan Ridley, voiced by Lizzy Caplan, who is seen as the odd one out for believing the world could be a better place.


Christian Slater will voice Rand Ridley, Reagan’s father and the disgrace head of Cognito Inc., who was fired after a paranoid downward spiral and now spends his forced retirement plotting revenge. 


Clark Duke is Brett Hand, recently made Reagan's Co-leader because he’s a lot more likeable and manageable than Reagan. He is lovable D.C. yes-dude whose fratboy energy is a cover for a sweet, caring guy who just wants everyone to like him.

Andrew Daly plays J.R. Scheimpough, the gazillionaire CEO, who is the head of Cognito, or is he? 


Bobby Lee (Magnum P.I) plays Dr. Andre Lee, a free-spirited biochemist. 


John DiMaggio (Futurama) is Glenn Dolphman, a half-man, half-dolphin, and 100% soldier, he is conservative war hero.


Tisha Campbell plays Gigi Thompson, Cognito’s fast-talking Head of Media Manipulation and Subliminal Messages and behind all of the office Public Relations and gossip.


Brett Gelman is Magic Myc, a psychic subterranean mushroom creature described as “the office dickhead that likes to get inside your head, literally” is a sentient fungus from Hollow Earth.

The character Alpha Beta is “undisclosed”.

Will Blagrove as Jay-Z?


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