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S01.E03: One of Us Is Not Like the Other

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The "Bayview Four's" secrets start to drop; Bronwyn makes a surprising discovery about her sister; Cooper faces the biggest test of his sports career.

Premiere date: October 7, 2021

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I actually thought the pilot was the best ep lol. It kinda lost my interest a bit with 2 & 3. I'm still interested enough to keep watching though.

I was partially right about Maeve! I thought that she stole the laptop but then I also thought because of that she might be the killer. Hey, maybe she is! I don't see her getting the 4 together to witness it though or framing them.

I don't think it was Janae either. Unless Simon asked her to do it. Which, I'm now wondering if that's possible. That's real dark. But I guess Simon being murdered is pretty dark lol.

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I am really discovering how many little side plots I had forgotten existed in the book with each episode.

I like how the accused 4 are starting to see each other as potential allies and not suspects. I still think though the episodes would be bette at being 30 minutes than over 40 minutes as they are definitely doing some padding with extra moments that don't really advance the plot of the book.

I confess I did get the book out after seeing this epiosde jsut to confirm that the reader did not find out about Cooper's sexuality unti abouit 2/3 of the book and while looking I discovered that the show has jettison a lot of the friends of the main 4 that I forgot about. I guess they did that to help isolate the 4 more.

Looking forwrd to the next 3 episodes to discover what else I have forgotten.

BTW Still think the actors look too old to be high schoolers and it does take me out of the show a little bit.

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