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Outrageous Pumpkins

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50 minutes ago, Cannoli said:

It's a PUMPKIN show, which is a FALL harvest... the weather isn't faked and they carve into the night. As Maverick mentioned carving a pumpkin,  especially within a designated time, would break a sweat. The haters on Sunny are ridiculous. I frankly liked her presence.

If this is a reaction to someone saying it was ridiculous for Sunny to be wearing earmuffs and a scarf, as part of their belief that the show was faking the fall weather, I wouldn't call that being a hater on Sunny. They were just expressing skepticism about the show - nothing to do with Sunny.

If it's a reaction to the not 100% positive comments earlier in the thread about Sunny being host (mine being one), I wouldn't call that ridiculous - just a different opinion. Sunny is not generally my cup of tea, and I would have preferred to have Alyson Hannigan back. While Sunny didn't  end up overly bothering me, I stand by my preference.

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So happy Eric (the other big guy) won!  He deserved that win.  I'm hoping next year the two ladies, Leigh and Carli, will return.  Tator losing was disappointing for him but the black stove was a miss with all the paint covering up the actual carving.  I also don't think a stove is a playground game gone wrong.  No doubt Tator will pop up again in the Halloween Food Network shows again.

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I thought it was curious that only Eric mentioned a $25,000 prize, and it was only twice during the whole competition.  Sunny never mentioned it.  Based on what she said repeatedly throughout, the winner was getting the belt and bragging rights, no cash.  That seemed so weird.

I loved Leigh's donkey, but the right carve won.  Congratulations, Eric!

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