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S02.E09: Beard After Hours

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  • 2 months later...

Maybe because I’m binging but I truly enjoyed this. I too felt it was all a dream for a good while due to the “you dropped your keys” motif- I was sure he’d fallen asleep in the pub. And Mary’s boyfriend sounded so much like roy Kent, and what are thre odds of bumping into James tartt sr? But then again, there’s a downtown area and limited places open and it’s a smaller town than nyc after all!

thd church  bwing the rave wasn’t a coincidence- jane had sent a picture of the lighted cross- and I wondered at the church being open. Of course, it was only open due to it being a club!

I loved seeing beard dance- he suddenly seemed younger and his whole relationship with needy jane made sense. I kind of love that in the middle of those lunatic texts she has moments of awareness that his phone might not be working or he might be hurt- to the point that when he shows up she’s not mad at all.

she just makes him jump

tbeough a hoop LOL.

it was weird but I loved it.

i didn’t assume the super fans could not get tickets to a match- but that even if they had NOBODY is allowed on the pitch but players. We learned that last week with James Tartt sr.

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