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McDonald & Dodds

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This is billed as “Suspense” (Britbox), but it’s just a cop show.  Ambitious millennial, DCI McDonald (Tala Gouveia) is saddled with a near-retirement plodder, DSgt. Dodds (Jason Watkins) solving murder cases in Bath. Meanwhile, DSuper. Houseman (James Minay) frequently looms to remind the DCI she’d better be on board to rid his department of Dodds for good. A trio of young DCs round out the cast (with some considerable skill) and are all doubtful Dodds can even keep up, let alone solve anything. 

This is a quirky little one case per (hour and a half) episode “who dun it”, and plays like a police procedural, with plenty of comic moments. Season one consists of only two episodes, while Season two has three episodes. Season three is reportedly coming in 2022. 

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Me too! It's completely silly at times but I love Dodds' quirks and think he and McDonald play off of each other very well. Shame it gets so few episodes each season. 

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I think the characterization and interplay between McDonald and Dodds is well done, but the actual scripting of the episodes, especially in the second season could be better. There's a fine line between slyly comic and cartoonish, which I don't think the show always gets right. I particularly didn't care for the episode with the French rugby player and the girls weekend.

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