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S07.E07: September 7, 2021

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14 minutes ago, call me ishmael said:

They also violated the pretense that the bachelor cares about them.  They got burned not only because they were dumb and cruel in their actions but because they tried to play the producers.  And they paid for that. 


A secondary reason I watch this type of reality tv, is paying attention to how reality tv evolves. It's always very interesting to me when the production process seeps into the storyline. Whether it's Colton jumping the fence, or Ari deciding to dump Becca on camera (when he could have easily done it before), the producer jumping off the balcony etc.

Now we're at the phase where social media & clout are another component, along with the bachelor nation sub-economy of sampler boxes, teas and gummies.  No one would watch this show if it was just pretty people talking about their social media followers. (Gawd at least I hope not, but isn't there a show on Netflix that is that? social circle or something...anyhoo.. at least I don't think I would watch.) But it's a fact of life now and it was definitely a CHOICE for producers to include that 4th wall breaking conversation of Brendan/Pieper. 

Oh, hopefully this isn't too off topic or spoilery but just in case: 


On the Love to See It podcast they were talking about how a lot of this social media convos used to happen in the ocean, a workaround so that the contestants could take their mics off and not be recorded. Apparently it was happening a lot so production cracked down on it. Which is why we don't see them in the pool or ocean as much as we used to in earlier seasons. 


27 minutes ago, woodscommaelle said:
41 minutes ago, ljenkins782 said:

Interesting that he paused his Cameo, I wonder if it was just people paying $9 for the chance to tell him he was an asshole to his face.

LOL!  Hopefully ;)

I thought Cameo was recorded messages? Maybe people were paying him to send messages to others telling them what an asshole he is. 

A lot of days I hate the internet but darn there is sadistic creativity in turning a silly service like Cameo into a weapon. 

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On 9/8/2021 at 10:01 PM, greeneyedscorpio said:

Brendan trying to do damage control.  Why did it take until Wednesday night (and a loss of 80K followers) to take the snarky post from Monday down?  Too little too late, imo.  He's shown us who he really is.  863320146_ScreenShot2021-09-08at7_58_26PM.png.e993e9dc9d2c3fe3f3f172180540b177.png

HAHAHAHA WHAT A LYING ASSHOLE!  Thank you for posting!

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It would appear that it’s okay for the women to change partners, but not the men. Most of these people were in contact before they set foot on the beach, so they know where they can stick their moral outrage and righteous indignations.

 I don’t feel sorry for Jessenia and Tammy. Payback for how they treated Ivan and Aaron. 

Who the hell died and made Joe and Riley  bosses of Paradise? 

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12 minutes ago, Adeejay said:

Who the hell died and made Joe and Riley  bosses of Paradise?

Chris Harrison? Ba dum dum. 🥁

I’m not excusing their behavior but maybe it’s because they’re a bit older. At least Joe is 35. Also he’s been in the show before so he “knows the rules”. Riley is 30ish but he’s a lawyer so, if he’s like any of my friends who are lawyers, then he loves to argue (and win said argument). Playing their parts. 

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44 minutes ago, call me ishmael said:

Am i the only person thinking that the fact that they are only showing one episode of these people this week is the first sign in decades that ABC cares about its viewers?

Nah. They’ve been doing that for years. Always starting out with 2 nights in a row, then tapering down to one night.

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15 minutes ago, DEL901 said:

2022? I thought this season was supposed to wrap up before Michelle's Bachelorette season starts? Or are they doing a new version of BiP, called Bachelor in Purgatory, where they keep bringing new famewhores to the resort and nobody can leave until they get engaged to another famewhore?

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On 9/11/2021 at 8:13 AM, Ms Blue Jay said:

Chris and Alana didn't have to listen to them.  The cast are all adults.  Maybe they felt appropriately ashamed by their behaviour?  Clearly Chris was..... and clearly Alana wasn't.

What exactly did they feel ashamed of? Alana told Chris that if We leave together, we admit that we are in relationship, and we are not…

I really disliked Jessenia and all this pack mentality of the people. 
and I think Joe needs to remember that his own ex girlfriend is currently there too

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