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S01.E13: The Last Rabbit

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Series finale.


Sarah is offered the chance for Greylock to receive international recognition but at a great personal cost; Danny offers to help Corinne with her legal problems, but Corinne asks for something he wasn't expecting.


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Sad to see this show go. I wasn't a fan of Sarah after she lied about Josh's paternity results but I liked all the other characters. This show deserved more audience but then again I'm not sure the cw was the right choice for The Republic of Sarah. I can see why it didn't attract the younger audience. The main character was way her teen years & wasn't a superhero either. She wasn't a very rootable character but I liked her strenght and Stella Baker is a fine actress. Plus, the drama may have been too much for the teens who watch the CW. Sure we got silly dramatic shows aplenty on the CW but it's silly, dumb drama not the serious drama like TRoS  potrayed. It was definitely better when it focused on the characters not the political stuff.. 

That being said tho the finale left me wanting more. I always wanted Sarah and Grover to be together so that last tease of them waking up together sorta left me unhappy. Also shame that we'll never get to see Danny grow into the father we know he can be. Also him and Corinne being together after everything would have been nice. But, now I'll never see it.

As for Sarah I'm glad that Corinne didn't forgive her Self-Centered B****. Sure she was trying to "help" but she made it worse for everyone by lying about the results. Just like I thought would happen. 

Greylock is recognizable now which is good for everyone. I didn't expect Paul to turn himself in but it made sense that he did.

Loved Danny saying that he can't hate Sarah, awww one of the best siblings. & now we won't see more of that either.

Anyway: Godspeed The Republic of Sarah. You were good while you lasted. 

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