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S11.E04: Rendition

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On 9/13/2021 at 8:53 PM, One4Sorrow2TooBad said:

Really keep hoping (somehow) that the writers of this show would finish the series up wowing us, instead it's gotten so bad that it's hard to even give a shit about it anymore. Last night's episode just sucked, boring as hell, waste of time.  

I waited until today to watch this episode.  I don't recall waiting a full 8 days before watching an episode.

On 9/13/2021 at 9:44 PM, Iguessnot said:

When Daryl said the name Leah, I surprised myself by knowing who he was talking about. But at no point before that or even after did I recognize her. Although I liked her in that earlier episode, visually she made no imprint on me. My face blindness is starting to get embarrassing in real life too.

I had no clue who she was, and when I found out I didn't care who she was.

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I only caught the last twenty minutes or so of this episode, but I am completely bumfuzzled.  There's a bald guy with the most ridiculously inconsistent accent I've ever heard on this show--which is saying quite a lot, with Maggie once agin runnin' 'round askin' "Whaaay?"


I can't tell if this new leader guy is trying to do Maggie's fucked up Suthin', or stiff upper lip British, or rolling rrrr's Scottish, or mainline lockjaw Philadelphia.



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