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S12.E03: London Time

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It was nice seeing flashbacks to Young Malory. It just makes the sting of losing Jessica Walter hurt even more. But let's face it, she was certainly sounding old. But she still got it. Both as a spy, and at getting it on. To use a phrase they haven't in a while: classic her.

Okay, I loved Pam and Cheryl as Fancy British Ladies. Cheryl probably owns a rugby team now. And got hit by Krieger. And of course her first reaction to seeing one of the Ravens of the London Tower is to toss a rock at it.

We'll eventually meet IIA's Cyril, right? I'd imagine it'd be like when Milhouse met the Shelbyville Milhouse.

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That was funny. And sad. I don't think I appreciated Malory as much as I should have. Hearing Malory snipe, "They can pry my agency from my dead, grenade-holding fingers"? Awwwwwww.

Everyone shines in the episode. Except Ray, who might still be sleeping off his preflight bender. Archer and Lana got to snipe at each other. Cyril found a new level of uselessness. Malory got to connect with an old flame. And Pam and Cheryl wreaked havoc through London, using their "Elegant Dinner Party" voices. That was funny. And then Kreiger ran Cheryl over with his van. The weird thing is that I'm betting the van got more damage than her.

In the flashback . . . did anyone else see Cornelius and think "brown version of Sterling"?

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On 9/1/2021 at 10:35 PM, Galileo908 said:

was nice seeing flashbacks to Young Malory. It just makes the sting of losing Jessica Walter hurt even more.

This episode was rather bitter sweet. I really enjoyed the focus on Malory but, it was sad since I know Jessica Walter is no longer with us.

I'm really enjoying this season, all of the characters are on fire, except for Cyril. I just can't get with him going back to bumbling loser after him really stepping up while Archer was in the coma.

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"It was a different time." "1812?" 

It was great but also bittersweet having a Mallory centric episode after losing Jessica Walter. Was I the only one waiting to find out that Mallory's old flame was yet another of her possible baby daddies? 

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