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S11.E15: The Dinner Party from Hell: Part Two

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21 minutes ago, Ms Blue Jay said:

I get being scared of a woman who would rip off orphans, widows, burn victims, cancer victims.  Erika is not human.  However, these women all look very stupid and spineless rushing to her defense.  Kyle, oh my god.  There is no coming back.  Then again I said that last year too.  Most of them are sick and evil and that's why I always feel bad watching this show.

Yes, at least just hang back and see which way the wind blows. They seem so sure that the "hero narrative" here is fawning over Erika and attacking Sutton for daring to question her. They have chosen poorly.

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1 minute ago, sistermagpie said:

Yes, at least just hang back and see which way the wind blows. They seem so sure that the "hero narrative" here is fawning over Erika and attacking Sutton for daring to question her. They have chosen poorly.

In the words of one Nene Leakes, they chose the wrong team.

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2 hours ago, Straycat80 said:

How romantic, Kyle, Mauricio and the Bravo TV crew. 

Reminded me of a couple no longer having sex. Like Mario and Ramona. Mauricio might just be biding time until Portia is in college. 

2 hours ago, chick binewski said:

Damn Kyle is an ass. Once again putting the blame on someone else when confronted. She's the worst.

Yeah she sucks

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1 hour ago, Pondlass1 said:

Why do they keep sitting Sutton right next to Erika? It’s much less intimidating to argue across a table.  But Sutton’s notion that hubby gave Erika a head’s up sounds reasonable to me. 

Erika will be perfectly fine in jail, tho. She’ll rule the place. She’s hard as nails. 

You know the producers seated Erika between Sutton and Garcelle. And had Dorito right across so Erika could dramatically say ‘ look at my face’ while the tears rolled. 
Yeah, she’ll be fine in jail, I picture her in an orange jumpsuit, fake ponytail and black tear tattoos under each eye. 

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I was impressed with Kyle's anniversary dinner except Mauricio was in a t-shirt you know he wore all day.   So someone spent the day putting that backyard together and Mauricio couldn't even shower?  

Still, I think they have a genuinely good marriage and raised some good kids despite Kyle's childhood. 

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3 hours ago, Primal Slayer said:

I was a bit surprised that she just sat at that first dinner just silent while everyone talked about Sutton. Nothing wrong with letting people fight their own battles but Id like her to back Sutton up more.

I don't blame Garcelle for going mute at that dinner.  They would have all ganged up on her and that's not a good position to be in.  

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3 hours ago, RealHousewife said:

Are these women, with the exception of Garcelle, so rough on Sutton because she lacks seniority, they find her awkward or what? Not cool.

Whatever….. but turns out THEY all look awkward as hell, not Sutton.   But they still keep having these crazy dinner parties, and they all show up lol.

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33 minutes ago, amarante said:

Someone posted a question to Andy to ask Kyle at the reunion.  What if Tom had broken into her house and stolen all the handbags and jewelry and given them to Erika. Would Kyle be okay if Erika kept them because the stolen stuff was a gift from Tom? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂

I saw that! 😅 It's gained a lot of Twitter traction and I wonder if Andy will bite and actually ask the question since it's gotten some solid attention…? 

Et tu, Kyle? 

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4 hours ago, Keywestclubkid said:

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Sutton at the beginning of this season and her Many many breakdowns and this Sutton who doesn’t have them anymore… 

Maybe she was intimidated by the cameras and how she came across and social media picking her apart? Especially if she does have anxiety. But there’s silliness and things that don’t really matter and then things like stealing from widows, orphans, burn victims. And she’s just like ‘nope, gotta say something.’  I can be like that with my anxiety. Little things can be intimidating (and I’m not on tv and no one gives a crap what I have to say and dissects it) but when it’s something serious, I find I can stand up for that. Worry and people pleading go out the window. 

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6 hours ago, Straycat80 said:

How romantic, Kyle, Mauricio and the Bravo TV crew. 

And discussing failed marriages whilst 'celebrating' your 25th. Ummm, okay, yeah sure Kyle, it's a real celebration...Sure Mo flew in Joe's crab legs and caviar. The dude can barely find his flip flops. Can you say BravHo produced anniversary dinner...

And Erika, we're all So.Over.You. Shut up already with your 'what about meeeeee' opining. You don't give a goddamn rat's ass about those victims and orphans, girl please.

And I'm calling bullshit on Patrick, le butler. "Who is Kyle" "I am, I'm Kathy's sister" like, if Kyle and Kathy are so good, why doesn't Kathy's butler know her sister FFS? Unless Patrick is a 'butler/actor'...

ETA: This thread says "Part 2", did I miss a "Part 1" of this dinner party?

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6 hours ago, njbchlover said:

Is this the "new and improved" Lisa Rinna with all that b.s.??  Where was "love thy neighbor" when she was going after LVP and Denise Richards?  

I'm still convinced that there is something between Erika and Rinna, that is hanging over Rinna's head.  If there wasn't she would be all over this.  This situation has all the criteria that usually makes Rinna salivate at the thought of being snarky, sneaky and an overall bitch in her quest to get a person to "own it".  The fact that she is basically keeping quiet or meekly defending Erika just gives me weird vibes.

There is an article I just read the other day that said Erika spent a whole lotta money at Rinna's clothing company that her daughters have with her. That is why she's not making her "own it". I can't stand her or Vyle. Bravo needs to get them and Erika off the show!!

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When things aren’t going well at your sisters dinner party, what should one do? Find someone to throw under the bus!  That said Sutton talks much tougher behind Erikas back as do the rest of them. Sutton started backtracking almost immediately and then Kyle had to throw gas on the fire. Goodbye Kyle!

I’m no fan of Erika at all but did they really need to question her only to turn around and coddle her? She’s not going to admit anything and she’s only going to mention the victims if forced.  If they want to go after her, do it without rubbing her back and wiping her tears. They are all hypocritical. Dorit needs to shut up. Rinna and her whatever dumb thing she says needs to go home to her empty house and dresses. 
I did like when Garcelle said she had never heard of Crystal after Crystal said she had never heard of Sutton. 

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