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The Lake (2021)

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Amazon Prime Video's first scripted Canadian Amazon Original series, currently in pre-production.


Justin returns from living abroad in the hope of reconnecting with the biological daughter that he gave up for adoption. His plans go awry when he finds out his father left the family cottage to his stepsister.

Article via Deadline:

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Halfway through episode 6, but that's more a testament to the fact I can't find anything else to watch than proof I'm enjoying this show. It's not bad, but I don't think it knows what it wants to be.

One positive note is that it brought to mind Big Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even, which did a better job at portraying extended family disfunction at a lake. Much shorter, too!

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Haven't been to these forums in quite a while so not sure if I'm just not finding it, but there used to be episodes of each show so the episode could be discussed individually.

Anyway, I just finished I think episode 5, binge-ing. I'm diggin' this show. They did really well at mixing some pretty dark situations with comedy and making it a little lighter while still maintaining the discomfort. And I saw the beginning of the upcoming episode and it looks totally fun!

Not sure how much I like the dad character though. The actor makes him likeable but his actions make him really unlikable so I'm torn on him.

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I really liked this, I ended up binging it. Glad it's getting a 2nd season.  

I did wonder how everyone on the lake has the summer off. I thought the cottage trek for people who owned them was more Fri-Sun every week treks.  

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The Lake    June 9, 2023    Prime Video 

In Season Two, Justin and Riley (Travis Nelson), decide to make their relationship official. But their plans, along with the beloved boathouse, go up in flames. Carrying equal parts shame and blame, Justin sets out to prove his innocence, rebuild the heart of the lake, and win back the man he loves. Meanwhile, Maisy-May is dealing with a wildfire of her own: The return of her mother Mimsy, who claims she's dying and wants to spend her final summer with her family on the lake. Billie returns for what is meant to be a one-week vacation. Her holiday changes after a gorgeous tree planter, Forrest (Jhaleil Swaby), and a fierce climate activist, Ivy (Max Amani), suddenly give her two reasons to blow up her summer.

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I just found out about this show and watched the first episode of the first season.  I will not argue that it's good or bad, I will just love it for what it is. I hope it will continue to be this fun once I've watched more. 

Justin G makes it. Without him, I don't think I would have even made it through to the end of the episode.

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Forgot how hilarious this show is. All the taxidermy animals at the wedding and staring at Justin cracked me up. Poor Riley.

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Dear lord, Riley… I have rarely seen such a strong case for the effect hair and facial hair has on attractiveness 😳 Maybe the horrible stuff Matthew McConaughey does to himself? How can someone so good looking look so bad?

I really do love the feel of this show - it’s very Schitt’s Creekish in its underlying goodness, despite all the snark and calculation.

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