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90 Day: The Single Life Live Chat

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Ed doesn’t want any children.... that could seriously be a deal breaker for most younger women.  He needs to focus on women who also do not want children.  That’s the place for him to start.  

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3 minutes ago, Zombness said:

Big Ed....reasons for looking for someone....."I don't want to die alone".......really??

He wants a nurse, not a girlfriend. 

1 minute ago, Zombness said:

I like Molly,  she is very real...

Molly is dead to me because of her shitty treatment of her daughters. 

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2 minutes ago, Hotel Snarker said:

The Sharif don't like it! Fuck the Brittany! Fuck the Brittany! 


Wait - Yazan was a liar from the start???? What the hell was Brittany???

Perfectly matched.

1 minute ago, TMI said:

Brittany does not have a type physically...only a type financially.

One who raises her interest.

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Just now, Pepper Mostly said:

Everything about Brittany annoys me. Her high pitched, fakey laugh, her up talking and vocal fry, her shallowness. She thinks she is utterly adorable. She is not. 

I totally agree!!!

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