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S01.E06: Feral

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I thought the story was a little too straight-forward and therefore a little on the boring side. They could have possibly added a twist by having the Ranger be the one that actually kidnapped the child and raised him in a cave under the Ranger Station. The Ranger makes up the story about the feral people to throw off the parents. The Ranger and the kidnapped boy kill all of the Pot growers because one day they saw him out hunting/fishing with the boy. Maybe they could have added a tribe of feral people living in the forest, but they are all friendly or maybe they are Bigfoots and they are friends with the Ranger and the boy. The parents kill the Ranger and move into the forest to be close to their son who has joined the feral people.

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I thought this one was the most well done so far. The series in general lacks the originality of shows like Black Mirror or Inside No. 9, but it told its story well and the acting wasn't over the top. And it's always nice to see Cody Fern!

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I really enjoyed this one.  I'd definitely like to see the concept of the Park Service holding back these creatures explored for an entire season. Cody Fern was a lot of fun as the ranger and the guy playing the hunter was good too.  The parents weren't nearly as interesting. 

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I liked seeing Cody Fern but this episode lacked some kind of twist. It seemed pretty obvious the boy was kidnapped by the feral people and that he would be just like them. Cody’s character wasn’t even needed, they could have just found the feral people without him. 

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