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S11.E11: Ice Queen of the Desert

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Kyle puts on her detective hat to help solve a mystery involving one of the women in La Quinta, while Sutton reveals her secrets for navigating a difficult divorce. Meanwhile, Dorit and Lisa worry about how their friend will fare in her own split. Crystal, Garcelle and Erika find solace on a desert hike, but the peace is shattered when Garcelle reveals details of their private conversation to the entire group.

Airdate: 08.04.2021

Please limit your discussion to events that occur in this episode.  Real time events are spoilers and belong in the media or individual housewife threads. 

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5 hours ago, hoodooznoodooz said:

Where do you live? I have to wait ten more hours.

Canada! It had been airing Wednesdays, but after the week off, it came back on Tuesday, right after RHoNY.

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I grew up playing croquet. Dad devised all kinds of tough courses and god help anyone who visited during a game.

Oh to be Kathy Hilton and desperately need chia seeds and a straw.

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1 minute ago, WaltersHair said:

Oh to be Kathy Hilton and desperately need chia seeds and a straw.

If I tried to drink a shake with chia seeds with a straw it could be construed as a suicide attempt….

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That is QUITE a casita Erika has. Even if production is paying for it to stage this dinner, if I was Erika, I would have asked that Krystal be given that room and I'd take the smaller (but still nice) one Krystal is in.

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2 minutes ago, bosawks said:

Take those notes Dorit, take those notes about financial impropriety all you can….

Oh she knows all about those forensic investigators, and also about trying to stay 2 steps ahead of them...

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16 minutes ago, FlyingEgret said:

Wait, what? Erika had never been in a bank before???

How did she deposit all her stripper coins before she met Tom?

She must’ve kept her cash in her bra and mattress.

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