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Love in Paradise, a 90 Day Love Story

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Season 1 of 90 Day: Caribbean Love will feature four couples: Aryanna and Sherlon, Steven and Martine, Mark and Key and Amber and Daniel.

Aryanna is six months pregnant with Sherlon’s baby, so she returned to his native country of Jamaica to see if they have a future together. The Illinois native is also hoping to find out if Sherlon would be willing to move to the United States and get married.

Steven and Martine met when Martine went on a cruise to Steven’s native Barbados. But the couple is experiencing trust issues after Steven cheated on Martine once in the past — and she has vowed to leave him if he does it again.

Mark and Key met when he was visiting Key’s native country of Panama 10 years ago. Mark feels that Key is the love of his life so he returns to her country to ask her to relocate to his hometown of Huntington Beach, California. But it seems like Key is not quite ready to settle down yet.

Amber and Daniel met when she was visiting his native Costa Rica from Seminole, Florida. Amber feels like she’s ready to marry Daniel after three years together, but she’s worried that she’ll be more of a sugar mama to him than a wife after financially supporting him for one year.

I watched in on Sunday.  It does have nudity and A LOT of shots of female asses wearing g strings or teeny tiny bikinis, and one male rear from behind.

Aryanna's story is going to break my heart.  She is 25, is pregnant by a 35 year old Jamaican who has ZERO intention of leaving the island or getting married or to stop sleeping with tourists.  And he works at a swingers resort and sleeps with the guests.  She allowed him to raw dog her and now she is pregnant.  She was crying a bit in her talking heads and I think she has real regret.  Another soon to be gramma with an unfortunate haircut.   Guess we can be grateful she only came home with a pregnancy and not creepy crawly diseases.  I did not care for Jamaica so I am biased, lol.

Amber is.....odd.  She says she is 30 but seems 15.  Another one financially supporting her 23 year old who is not that excited to move here.

Mark and Key (pronounced Kay) are a little older but she is flat out refusing, in the promos. to move to California.  I will say I would sell a kidney for her body, lol.

Steve and Martine are another couple in the recycled "I need to check his phone as I am crazy jealous."  No you are just crazy.

Streaming on Discovery Plus and drops on Sundays.

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So, pretty soon we will be able to say one size fits all with these types of shows?

And once again, we have children involved in grownup matters. SMH.


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