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S01.E09/S01.E10: With Sparkles/Picking Scabs

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An anxious Kate struggles to keep it together during a work conference and turns to drink for the first time in years.


A tragedy forces Edie and Kate to make amends. Kate gets her diagnosis and something happens that leads Edie to feel there really are moments worth living for.

Original air date 2021.08.15 US Showtime

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I finished the series and while I liked the completely different take from the more unoriginal American idea, I thought that the whole story left a lot to the imagination. All the naked people, supposedly having died from assisted suicide (and at least one that wan't terminal), all seemingly happy, and four people swimming naked because...?

There was no real closing for the trans kid, he still wasn't getting the hormones. The mother was the most selfish one, and pretty unethical of her to have a weird relationship with the husband of her late patient, not because he initially wanted to sue her (or something) but because he was still grieving and she just wanted sex. '

In the end I really didn't like the series. It had some interesting moments and some really funny ones, but the story was poorly written, as if there was an agenda behind it that we never get to understand. Plus the characters were mostly unlikable. 

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