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Well, He-Man is returning and The Thundercats were resurrected (twice),

so now it's time to rejoin the adventures of Thundercats ....... IN SPACE!!!!!!

aka ..........  SILVERHAWKS!!!!!!!!

It's time once again to join Quicksilver, Steelheart, Bluegrass, The Copper Kid and the rest of the heroes

as they face off against Monstarr and his evil minions.

I just hope that this won't be a completely silly incarnation like they recently did with The Thundercats.

and they really need to bring back that theme song.

So, if you need me, I'll be brushing up on my knowledge of the Solar System.

I don't want to fail the next quiz that Bluegrass gives.

Has anyone told Copper Kid that Pluto is no longer one of the main planets????

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If they can either just start the show where it left off like they are doing in Masters of the Universe or just keep the original story and update the animation style and themes. They will be fine. Though I love Larry Kenny to return in some form, at least with members of the Mob he did in the original.

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