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Marty Raney, together with his daughter Misty and son Matt, help people aspiring to live the off-the-grid life survive the homestead experience. 

Anybody out there watching this show?   :)

I just discovered this show a few months ago, so I'm trying to catch up on re-runs, but I'm watching the new ones as they come out.  I guess we can start with any episode you guys want to talk about!  I just saw one of their early episodes where they were leaving their original home and starting their adventure on "The Forty."  They were building the cart & cable system to get them over the river.   It's a little sad seeing how excited they were at that point, not knowing that their cabin will burn down just a few years from then.  Luckily they were already building their new cabin, so at least they had something to be excited about after the fire.  

As for the latest episode, I saw the one with the couple who live in Juneau and were basically stuck in the mud.  Watching Misty procure an old boat for $20 was pretty awesome!  Great idea by turning it into a chicken/turkey coop.   I'm glad that the Raney's were able to fix the foundation on their home.  I find all of the fixes and unusual ideas that the Raney's come up with to be so fascinating.  I may never have occasion to use those ideas, but in case I do, I'm glad to have seen them demonstrated.  


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