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S02.E01: Episode 1

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That scene in the spa was a fantastic way to start the season, I was laughing straight away. 
"I was thinking about getting a fringe" "OH MY GOD ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?"
"Oh, I'm sorry, my foot just went in your gash..."
Then reciting the Hail Mary...

The woman who plays Shona's assistant was in an episode of Shetland. Nice to see her here, the character seems to have a sense of humour. I loved how you could see her in the background just blatantly lipreading Shona and Charlotte's conversation.

I laughed at the call-back to last season as Aine pushed her "pile of shit boyfriend" out of the way: you can hear Emma and Bradley having sex next door, with Aine's imitation of her clearly being spot-on. Bradley was one of my favourites last year ("We're your brothers now, Aine. I would kill for you" "Would you kill for me Bradley?" "I would barely commit minor fraud for you, Poppy") so I am glad he's back.

Vish seems like a great guy - he goes along with the sisters shenanigans so well. "IS THAT YOUR MOTHERFUCKING GARDEN!?" but his good bits are in the trailer.

The sisters start having a more serious conversation and Aine comes back to the fringe, making sure Shona is alright. But I really want to know if Sharon Horgan is really playing the bodhran (probably not, based on having the drum between her stick hand and the camera).

I love Tobias Menzies but the Richard scenes are super awkward. I'm sure that's by design but it's to the point where I'm not wholly sure what my takeaway is supposed to be.

Looking forward to others' thoughts!

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Did anyone else think Aine was faking the orgasm with Richard?

I agree that Aine & Richard are awkward together. Neither of them seems entirely comfortable in their own skin,  and together they double down on the awkwardness. It's believable, but it doesn't make for a couple I love to watch or anything.

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I like that realistic start and stop of their relationship.  I didn't think Aine was faking anything.  

So often on TV, when a certain part of the male anatomy isn't working the way the couple expects it to work, the sexual activity ends.  Ainsling is showing that sex doesn't have to end with a giving partner.  For all his awkwardness, Richard wanted to please her even if Plan A wasn't successful. 

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