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[QUESTION, ANSWERED] Can Instagram Posts No Longer Be Embedded?

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Do Instagram post no longer embed on the site? Previously when you posted the link, the IG post would show up in your posts but now it just remains a link.  I’m sorry if the answer is already posted.  I couldn’t find anything.

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Facebook and Instagram changed their embedding requirements substantially and native support for those embeds in this forums package was removed not quite a year ago and with the recent upgrade here those embeds are of course gone. It is possible to bring them back (maybe...) but will require the-powers-that-be register as developers at Facebook, etc., develop "an app", and get API keys and so on.

Used to be simple sharing was a thing, now a lot of services are starting to wall up and strictly approve/monitor what's happening with "their" content.

I'll make a note on the "try to bring back" list.

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