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S01.E05: Journey Into Mystery

Message added by saoirse,

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My 10 year old was sure after last week’s episode that Kid Loki was Cajun Kid Loki and his pet alligator. He had imagined all sort of swamp fighting Loki abilities for him and had decided the pet alligator had some special powers. He is a little disappointed that Kid Loki wasn’t Cajun Kid Loki, although he was impressed Kid Loki took out Thor. Got to admit, Cajun Kid Loki would be pretty cool.

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5 hours ago, SnarkShark said:

I think it became glaringly obvious that Sylvie dies next week.  She has to. Loki can't have true happiness, even if they decide to treat him as a hero. 

There is indeed no utility to shoehorning him into the role of squashed nose Loki or squashed nose Thor. Why? 

I think we're unfortunately stuck with Sylvie, but I could be wrong.




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7 hours ago, pezgirl7 said:

And not just any Hi-C, but green Ecto-Cooler Hi-C! I loved that little touch.

The production staff did an amazing job with this episode. So many obscure products found theIr way into the void.

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Loki writer Eric Martin revealed deleted scenes while tweeting about this episode...

He also tweeted other behind-the-scenes tidbits, like the following:
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11 minutes ago, Spartan Girl said:

I demand the deleted scene of Loki getting beat up by Frog Thor!!!!!

Available on a super expensive box set for Christmas......

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So many Lokis, and Mobius right in the thick of it. Love! Loved all the Lokis betraying each other (and our Loki being all, "Good god, is this what being around ME is like?"). Loved Classic Loki being so defensive about Gator Loki being a Loki, and both our Loki and Mobius being so bewildered by it - "He's green, isn't he?!" Loved Classic Loki's sad story of his nexus event, Mobius telling him it's never too late to change, and then him creating that beautiful illusion of Asgard to distract Alioth. Gator Loki was the gator, but Richard E. Grant was the GOAT!

I'm really appreciating the growth in our Loki, especially the fact that he's begun to understand that he's the common factor in all his loneliness, that his own actions are at the root of why he's been so unhappy. I'm not an active Loki/Sylvie shipper, but I am a big fan of them connecting and starting to understand themselves better through one another - the blanket scene was so sweet, as was Loki fanboying about Sylvie to the other Lokis.

So glad we got confirmation that Hunter B-15 is still alive, albeit imprisoned. That scene between her and Renslayer was SO good - Wunmi Mosaku was just tearing it up in such a quiet, understated way.

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Almost fell asleep during the scene on the hill with the blankets. Yes, yes, Loki loves himself.

I hope Mobius has a secret army.

More balanced ep, just in time to end.

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12 hours ago, angora said:

So glad we got confirmation that Hunter B-15 is still alive, albeit imprisoned. That scene between her and Renslayer was SO good - Wunmi Mosaku was just tearing it up in such a quiet, understated way.

The moment where she got me was in the last episode when she said, "I looked happy". She usually sounds so..tough isn't the right word, but I can't think of another one. But she sounded so vulnerable in that moment. I don't know how many actors could have pulled it off.

I have to admit that I'm worried about Loki and Sylvie. I don't think either will die, but they're both Loki's. What happens if one of them has to choose between what they want and being together?

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Much better episode than the past 2 weeks.  I wish we had gotten more with the other Loki variants, but they got the point across about who Loki is.  I'm in the minority, but I really didn't see the big deal with President Loki and alligator Loki.  I dunno.  Maybe because their scenes were so brief?

Loki has shown a lot of growth, though.  He's finally admitting his wrongdoings and can understand why people don't trust him.  He clearly wants a connection and I'm glad to see him reaching out.

Richard Grant was amazing as Classic Loki.  The perfect blend of cynical and bravado.  He did get a noble ending, but I wouldn't object to seeing him again.

As for Loki and Sylvie...ok, I guess.  I thought their scenes together were very sweet and endearing.  It helps that Tom and Sophie made that middle school romance seem genuine, but it doesn't erase the weirdness of them being together.

Knew Mobius had made it, but was still glad to see him.  I did love the hug between him and Loki in the end.

I really do enjoy this show, and I'm sad that we only have one more episode before the season ends.  I just wish it had been spaced out better.  Not two episodes ago, Mobius was as pro-TVA as one could get, now he's ready to burn it down.  Ravenna is a villain but she's so underdeveloped so what else could she be?  I think they should have waited to introduce Sylvie and kept things at the TVA a little longer.  I've given up trying to make sense of the variants and the Nexus events.

I agree with the consensus that another Loki variant is running the TVA.  

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that another Loki is not running the TVA. Lokis like chaos, so I don't see why a Loki would want to have only one timeline. I wonder if the outdated technology and the 50s/60s vibes, including the music, have anything to do with it. Like could the person actually be a human from that time period? I kinda hope it's not someone that we already know, like a variant Howard Stark. If it is just one person, they've got to be super smart. Unless they hijacked the technology from someone else. The shot of the medieval castle was very curious.

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Chris Hemsworth voiced Frog Thor in this episode...

And here's a great Richard E. Grant interview about playing Classic Loki in this episode...

‘Loki’ Star Richard E. Grant on Tom Hiddleston’s Crash Course and Being Denied a Muscle Suit


And in terms of the script, what was your first impression of Classic Loki’s full-fledged arc?
The backstory — where he describes himself as the God of Outcasts rather than the God of Mischief — was very compelling. So you understand where and why he’s been out of the loop for so long. He was so desperate to have some kind of contact that he was willing to reveal himself to the TVA, and later, by offering himself up to Asgard and Alioth, he’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the possibility of somebody else finding love. Because the ending was so catastrophic and mayhem-filled, as he laughs in the face of his own immolation, I thought that was a great beginning, middle and end in just one episode. It’s as much as you could ever hope for from a guest role. So it was really exciting to do and very satisfying.
*  *  *
As he was laughing in the face of the beast, what was on his mind?
Even as you’re going down, you still have the power, grace and sheer chutzpah to go, “I will laugh in your face even though I know that you’re about to eat me alive.” That’s a great adage to life. (Laughs.) I love that.
*  *  *
Classic Loki was very frustrated by the fact that betrayal is synonymous with the Loki archetype. So he did something about it and sacrificed his life to help Loki and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino). While you touched on the ultimate sacrifice already, what did you make of his decision to go against type?
It was very smart of [Tom Kauffman], the writer, to have hit on that. I was the oldest person on the unit, as well as the oldest person on the crew and the cast. When you’re in the twilight zone as I am now at 64, there is a sense that you’re handing over the baton in the relay race of life. So it seemed like the most human, vulnerable and honorable thing to do, and I got that completely. It was fitting — even for an old Classic Loki. But unlike in my life, you can always come back in Loki-land. (Laughs.)
*  *  *
Between Allegiant General Pryde in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Classic Loki, were these two of your favorite costume fittings to date?
Yes, and it was pretty amazing to have that great, explosive ending to that Star Wars character. But what I was so looking forward to with Loki was finally having a muscle suit, having been born without any. (Laughs.) I thought, “Oh great! I’m going to look like the Jack Kirby drawings and costume design, which was so faithful to that.” But when I got to Atlanta, they said, “No, you don’t have a muscle suit. You’re just as yourself, a stick insect.” So I was very disappointed. I thought I was letting the character and the viewers down by not having muscles underneath it. I wish that I had gone into a year’s worth of training and weight-gain powder to look like that, but I don’t think I could’ve possibly achieved that. So I was hoping I’d have the rubberized version of it, but I was denied that pleasure. (Laughs.)


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In Thor Ragnarok, Thor told the story of how Loki transformed himself into a snake at eight years old, so maybe "Croki" is a variant of mainline Loki who either got stuck as an alligator or just prefers staying this way.

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