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Sharknado 2: The Second One (Syfy)

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Guest Accused Dingo

I like Sharknado. The Second One was awesomely bad....but in a good way. There is a brand of movies that is too loud, too violent, and over the top. Sharnado fits the model. I loved the cameos. All the real New York people must have had so much fun.

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I just got around to watching this on Hulu (yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus).

I can't believe that I missed while watching the first one that the lead character's first name is "Finn." Like "shark finn."

Also, while I accepted that the first one was listed under the genre of "horror," shouldn't the second have been "comedy," or at least "horror/dramedy"?

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The Sharknado movies are airing on SyFy now. 
I'm watching on a big screen and wondering how many takes it took for Al Roker and Matt Lauer to say their lines without laughing.
Kelly Rippa has her hands over her face in one shot, which does come off as being in horror, but was probably to hide her laughter.
Lots of other laughs too.

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