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S07.E02: American Gangster


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I thought the team working on Peanuts had the hardest assignment because, for the life of me, I can't imagine how to portray that character without getting in Mr. Peanuts territory.

How about skin blemishes on his face and hands that looked like peanuts?

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Maybe a slick elephant mobster in an expensive suit and sweet jewelry? An elephant for the direct connection to peanuts (and because we need a makeup), but then you impress the judges with a backstory that he can afford all that bling because "That guy, he always pays his guys peanuts." Maybe that's how he got his nickname - all his guys called him Peanuts behind his back because he was so cheap and it stuck.

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I could see doing it as someone with skin so badly scarred or pockmarked they have a peanut shell pattern to their face.


Though it should be noted they /chose/ the peanuts when there were still IIRC, the truck, a tommygun and a knife left to choose from. So they picked the one that immediately made me go 'Oh that was a horrible choice, you're going to be in the bottom' when they weren't the last ones picking and they had better choices on hand.

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FWIW, I follow Syfy on Facebook, and they tend to spoil the episode looks the day of with the look that they think is strongest/what photographs best, it seems to me. They pictured the Mack Truck this week.

Those earring(s) in ??'s (I don't know her name yet, but it wasn't Blue Eyebrows, Cropped Blonde or Long Blonde) Talking Heads looked like daddy longlegs and CREEPED ME OUT. I hate spiders!

"Cig Neutron" looks exhausting with his personalized skipper disco cowboy wardrobe and facial hair grooming routine.

I admit to having a slight crush on George because of his righteous beard.

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It's too early for me to see who is better or who is weak. That's why I like individual challenges. I don't mind the girl with the blue hair but her eyebrows are not attractive.

I wish they would not always have to go the dark or horror route (even though I enjoy that genre). I would like to see the actual skills of the people & what it would be like on a set, can they do makeup for a character that we already know? It's much harder to replicate something we all know then to create something new makeup effect wise.

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Maybe that's how he got his nickname - all his guys called him Peanuts behind his back because he was so cheap and it stuck.

All of the picks were made from real people who had real backstories (in this case, giving out peanuts to neighborhood children), so I don't know if they were allowed to come up with something different. They were free to make up anything they wanted about the looks they created.


In fairness to the contestant who chose to go with a rat, the challenge did say they had the option of going with a characteristic of the mobster rather than his nickname. The complaint that nothing about ratman saying "TickTock" was fair because the reference to Dick Tracy implied that they shouldn't completely disregard the nickname, even if they weren't basing the character on it.

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