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Kevin Can F**k Himself Spoiler Policy - Read Before Posting

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Welcome to Primetimer's forum for Kevin Can F**k Himself!

KCFH will be running on both the AMC+ streaming service and the AMC cable channel. Episodes will be premiering on AMC+ a week before they are aired on cable, beginning with the two-part premiere, which will drop on AMC+ on Sunday 6/13 and run on AMC cable on Sunday 6/20. As people will likely be watching the show on both platforms, we want to post a reminder of our spoiler policy so that everybody can enjoy the show no matter how they are watching.

Once an episode airs on its original platform (AMC+), the events that take place within that episode are not considered spoilers and do not have to be tagged as such in their respective episode threads. 

However, please be sure to only talk about the events of any given episode within that episode's designated thread and refrain from referencing future episodes in threads for past episodes.

Overall, please be mindful of where you are posting based on the way you choose to watch the show. We will be putting the premiere dates for both platforms at the top of each episode thread to help people navigate as easily as possible.

If you do see a post that violates the spoiler policy, or otherwise appears to be in the wrong thread, please report it and the mod team will review. Do not directly engage with any posts you believe to be in violation beyond reporting.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, @helenamonster. Happy viewing!

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